Rosie Zbaracki



Hello! My name is Rosie Zbaracki, a senior majoring in Linguistics with minors in Psychology and Child, Adult, and Family Services. I am also working towards honors distinction through the ISU Honors Program. I discovered my passion for Linguistics during my sophomore year, when I switched majors from Elementary Education. Even with my major switch, I will be graduating on time! Since I switched majors, I’ve gotten involved in Linguistics through the Cywrite Program, where I work as an Undergraduate Research Manager for Professor Evgeny Chukharev-Hudilainen and Professor John Levis. I’ve TA’ed for LING 219, Introduction to Linguistics, and worked for the Academic Success Center Tutoring Program. I’ve also spent time studying abroad in India and working with speech pathologists at the Satya Special School in Pondicherry. In my free time, I volunteer for ACCESS and am active within the Iowa State University Drama Department. I’ve been a part of numerous main stage productions and student theater showcases here at ISU. My favorite thing about Iowa State is the ability to take a variety of classes in a number of different subjects. I’ve taken painting classes, sensory science classes, dance, weight-lifting, and theater makeup! I would love to talk to you about my experience, or what I can do to help you be successful here at Iowa State. I have experience with the study abroad program, switching majors, adding minors, navigating the ISU Honors Program, scheduling, undergraduate research and research assistantship, and finding my place here at ISU. Feel free to email me at and we can set up a time to chat!