Study Abroad

Linguistics is the study of language and cultures of the world, and one of the best ways to learn is through personal experience. Studying abroad is a great way to integrate real-life experiences with language learning. Make study abroad part of your ISU experience!

For information on offered programs, scholarships, and study abroad guidance, visit the Iowa State Study Abroad Center, or contact Samantha Robinson-Adams, Linguistics Advisor.

Student Experience

Lancaster, England

"I experienced the most change in my personal development during my time at university while I was abroad. Without studying abroad, I would have never learned how to handle stress and chaos with efficient planning with flexibility while taking whichever opportunities confronted me. I studied abroad for a whole academic year in Lancaster, England. The area was beautiful, the people were welcoming, and the classes were enlightening. I would recommend going for a year, or not at all. A whole year allows room for space to process the experience and learn much more about the culture, as well as yourself. I also tried my best to blend in and find clubs and local communities to join. You are in control of what you want to find abroad. You could hang around international students and never become part of the culture, or you can explore the local color of the community. You could travel to many countries, or explore the one you have the opportunity to be living in. I would highly recommend studying abroad." – Ben W.

Pondicherry, India

"I did a study abroad to India my sophmore year. I worked with a Speech and Language Pathologist at the Satya Special School. It was an amazing experience full of learning, service, and exploration. The challenges I faced made me a better person- and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything." – Rosie Z.

Lanzhou, China

" I had the amazing opportunity to study Chinese language and culture for one year in Lanzhou, China. I cannot begin to express how meaningful my study abroad experience was for both my personal and professional growth. By taking a full year to develop my language skills and immerse myself in the culture, I can now say that I am comfortable using my Chinese in a variety of situations and contexts. Studying abroad not only gave me the opportunity to travel to fascinating places, but it pushed me to hone my problem solving skills when dealing with unfamiliar settings and situations. Most of all, I treasure the relationships I’ve been able to form not only with local Chinese students and teachers, but with a diverse group of international students from places like Central and Southeast Asia, Europe, and Africa. My study abroad experience was super affordable, too! There are lots of opportunities and scholarships out there, so don’t miss the chance to study abroad!" – Kelli R.

Elbe, Germany

"Being able to share a moment with friends on the shore of the Elbe is a memory I won’t soon forget and it wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible opportunities to study abroad provided by ISU!" – James H.