Students of linguistics study the structure, meaning, uses and history of human languages. They gain insight into how the human mind and computers process language, they learn about cultural and linguistic diversity, they study how language reflects meaning and world-views, and they discover how language reflects unique characteristics of humanity by connecting linguistic structure with the expression of meaning in communication.

Linguistic analysis can be used for its own sake, but it is also put into practice in areas such as second language acquisition and assessment, language teaching, computer processing of human language, and communication disorders. Linguistics at ISU is cross-disciplinary. Courses are taught by outstanding faculty in language related departments such as Anthropology, Computer Science, English, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Psychology, and World Languages and Cultures.

Requirements for the Undergraduate Major

Completion of the BA in linguistics requires 36 credit hours of linguistics with a grade of C or better in addition to the LAS general education requirements. Linguistics majors are strongly encouraged to take LING 101, Introduction to the Study of Linguistics.

For more information, contact Professor John Levis, Chair or Greta Muller Levis, Advisor.