Linguistics Challenge

What is the ISU Linguistics Challenge? It is an individual and team event for high school students to solve language puzzles and explain the underlying patterns that speakers of a language intuitively know as they speak and interact.

All languages follow underlying patterns. Often similar patterns show up in many languages, but sometimes they are restricted to only a few. Understanding such these patterns can help you learn language and do things with languages, such as teach, translate, create computer programs, and even create your own language, such as Na’vi from Avatar and Dothraki from Game of Thrones.

The Linguistics Challenge at ISU will give you a chance to explore language problems through the lens of linguistics. You will also meet other high school students and ISU linguistics faculty and students who are interested in how language works. In addition, you will have an opportunity explore our beautiful ISU campus. Please join us! For more information, contact John Levis, Program Chair.

Challenge Questions